At Eventers®, we strongly believe in

With that in mind, we are building strong relationships in this space, so that not only we can empower our partners, but also the consumers and businesses on our network and provide a cohesive experience with our platform.

So what do we do
at Eventers?

At Eventers, a technology company, we are building an intuitive and cohesive platform, for easy discoverability and payments of events, venues and vendors. This enables organisers to make informed decisions using our real-time data-driven capability leading to smart organising and provide a delightful socialising for the attendees.

We have our product in two verticals - Manage and Socialise, which spans into public events (like free and paid events and meetups), private events (like wedding, birthday, anniversary) and corporate events. Using our platform, organisers and SMEs can plan and organise events, sell merchandise, deals and services; consumers and attendees can search and buy tickets, other services, attend events and meetups.

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